When you bring up the subject of the flute, lots of people will make fun of you. And it is true that the instrument often is uber-loungy and boring. Before you know it you're catagorized as a Berdien Stenberg fan (Dutch people will understand). As with all instruments, you also can make very interesting sounds (and I'm sure that Berdien also did at one time in their career), and two tunes in particular awakened my interest in this matter. The first one I found on David Holmes' excellent Cornerstones compilation: Harold Alexander's Mama Soul, a real freaky dose of blowing & scatting with tight rhythms. The other one was Pucho's Chitterlings Con Carne (available on the Pulp Fusion series), again with some insane scatting. Later on I also began to appreciate the more subtle funky sounds, eg Bobbi Humprey's Blacks and Blues and, of course, the famously sampled Jeremy Steig. You can find lots of classic tunes, funky grooves, freaky sample nuggets and obviously a relaxing and loungy chill-out sound. This place is for people who like their flutes funky.....choose your artists on the right and enjoy.